Welcome hOMe

You’re probably sitting down. Place a hand on your heart. Now close your eyes and deeply inhale through your nose, long exhale through your mouth.


What does it feel like when someone says “Welcome Home”? Like you belong, like you are a part of something. Like you are loved. Well, let me tell you a secret. You are always home, within yourself, and most do not even know it……….or feel it………or believe it. Your home is within, your thoughts that no one else can hear in your head, your breath that enters your body, your sight and observation, your unconditional love. There are many ways to feel connected to one’s self and Sirena is here to help. Through Astrology and Yoga, Sirena guides you through this confusing world by adding order to the chaos through natal chart readings, future forecasting, oracle card readings and yoga.

Connect with her to help you better understand your Self and your True Nature.


Welcome hOMe.

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